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    Herolaser Equipment

    ShenZhen Herolaser Equipment Co.,Ltd. established in 2004, is a state-level high-tech enterprise. It is a group company engaged in research and development, production and sales of laser equipment, and has formed a complete industrial laser equipment series supply platform. Professional technical personnel, rich management experience and clear development direction ensure that we grow rapidly in the rapid development of laser industry

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    Automotive Manufacturing


    With the introduction of mandatory requirements for automobile safety laws and regulations, there is a high demand for the uniqueness of the identity of automobiles and parts. Laser processing technology is an advanced technology widely used in the production of automotive vehicles, and has been used for many years to manufacture high quality automotive parts and labels. Laser engraving, laser etching, laser welding and laser cutting machines are used in the automotive industry.

    Laser processing technology is an advanced technology used in the manufacture of automotive vehicles and has been used for many years to produce high quality automotive parts and labels. Laser engraving, laser etching, laser welding and laser cutting machines are widely used in the automotive industry.

    Conventional welding requires excessive welding skills and flux costs, which can raise the cost of production. In addition, there is a post-welding process, which is time-consuming and inefficient. Because of these drawbacks, laser welding machines are better suited to serve many industries, including automotive manufacturing.

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    Shipbuilding industry


    In the shipbuilding process, cutting and welding man-hours account for more than 40% of the whole hull construction, and the related cost accounts for 40%-50% of the whole hull cost, and its quality directly affects the whole quality of the ship. With its advanced cutting and welding technology, Minera Laser has become the common choice of large shipyards at home and abroad.

    "Precision manufacturing" has become the unanimous pursuit of manufacturing industry nowadays. For enterprises in automobile manufacturing, rail transportation manufacturing, aerospace manufacturing, shipbuilding industry and so on, precision manufacturing is especially important. Among the shipbuilding industry, its main raw material is steel, and therefore the processing requirements of raw steel, whether from the precision, speed, capacity have high requirements. With the rise of laser cutting technology, laser cutting machines began to be widely used in the shipbuilding industry.

    Laser cutting technology brings the shipbuilding industry high efficiency and high precision metal processing, ultra-short production cycle and low production cost. Laser cutting technology is a one-time forming, good cut quality, good verticality of the kerf surface, no hanging slag, thin oxide layer, smooth surface, no manual secondary processing, direct welding, and small thermal deformation, high accuracy of curve cutting...

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    Construction Machinery


    China's construction machinery industry has continued to rebound since the third quarter of 2016, mainly due to the growth of downstream fixed asset investment, the low base effect of sales in the previous year, and the mandatory implementation of the national three standards. Construction machinery industry after more than four years of industry adjustment, equipment start hours, gross margin, debt ratio and other indicators have basically stabilized, profitability began to recover, the overall sector adjustment basically ended, in good sales data and overseas policy favorable stimulation, the industry value center of gravity gradually raised.

    At the same time, the natural phase-out cycle of machinery also allows the industry to slowly recover from the peak of equipment sales in 2008 to date, a large number of equipment needs to be replaced, in addition, with the "Belt and Road" to accelerate the construction machinery industry will usher in new development opportunities.

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    Chassis and electrical cabinets


    Chassis electric cabinet industry in recent years the development of innovation for all to see, from the square square ancient appearance to today's new trendy and bright cool appearance, and then to a variety of personalized chassis appearance, you can see that designers have spent a lot of thought.

    Due to increasingly fierce competition, chassis and electrical cabinet industry more and more varieties of small batch products, has been from the previous large quantities, single design, long production cycle gradually turned to small quantities, multiple types, agile processing, chassis and electrical cabinet manufacturers had to reform the processing method.

    At the same time, with the increase in demand for cabinets, the quality of the cabinet processing process has also put forward higher requirements. In the cabinet manufacturing process, the traditional mechanical processing process is easy to cause cutting edge flooding sharp mouth, burrs, burrs and other phenomena, affecting the beauty of the finished product, fiber laser cutting machine can well avoid these drawbacks.


    Sheet Metal Processing


    China is gradually becoming an international processing and manufacturing center, and the demand for metal processing is increasing, and in the metal processing industry, electrical control boxes and machine housings are generally sheet metal parts, so the demand for sheet metal processing capacity is also increasing.

    With this, the complexity of the process is also higher, and some parts have as many as several dozen processes, which also places higher demands on sheet metal processing in terms of accuracy.

    Traditional sheet metal processing has processes such as shearing, punching and bending, among which the punching process requires a large number of dies and wastes a lot of time and capital costs.

    Laser cutting is an efficient and high quality flexible processing process. Laser sheet metal processing requires no tooling and is easier to operate, more flexible and has lower operation and maintenance costs compared to traditional processing means.


    Elevator manufacturing


    At the beginning of the 21st century, with the emergence of domestic laser cutting machine manufacturers, the first domestic high power fiber laser cutting machine cutting machine was introduced, which broke the situation that laser cutting machines could only rely on imports, and at the same time made the price of expensive elevators drop significantly.

    The use of advanced fiber laser cutting machine has improved the quality of domestic elevator manufacturing, and the elevator manufacturers are aware of the need to improve the degree of automation and intelligence of equipment in order to respond to various production tasks flexibly and comfortably and improve production capacity.

    There are more stainless steel plates and materials with film in the elevator industry, and the requirement for the finish of the section is relatively high. Laser cutting and the traditional CNC punching machine compared to the surface finish, there is no jointing, there is no mold loss and other advantages. Fiber laser cutting machine can also cut finer and smaller sharp angles, which can effectively avoid the plastic deformation produced by the workpiece during the punching process and enhance the core competitiveness of the product. In the thickness of less than 6mm plate cutting, fiber laser cutting machine also has a unique speed advantage, for example, 1mm thick stainless steel cutting can achieve a linear speed of 60m / min, effectively enhance the production capacity of enterprises.




    Laser manufacturing technology in the field of national defense and aerospace has a promising industrial application, with high efficiency, low energy consumption, short process, good performance, digitalization, intelligent characteristics. In response to the current situation, China will continue to play the advantages of laser manufacturing technology, change the status quo of key devices and technologies in China's aerospace field which mainly rely on imports, and finally form a new generation of laser manufacturing industry chain in China.

    Minera laser integrates laser welding technology with aviation manufacturing technology, and as a mature technology becomes an important means of connecting light alloys for aviation, and plays a pivotal role in the connection between structural parts and some engine parts in modern aviation manufacturing.



    National Sales Hotline

    Purchase consultation: manager Liu 138-2330-6986
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